New Website or transferring an existing website to a new design.

There are 3 options here:

  • completely bespoke where we pay a designer to come up with something just for you
  • completely pre-prepared theme where we add your content
  • something in between where we take a pre-prepared theme and amend it

If you want to go down the theme provided route here are a few ideas to get you started:

If price is mentioned don't worry about it as it will be included in your quote.

Once we are all happy with the design I'll add your content.

At several points during the process I will send you a link to the draft website so that you can see what is happening and you will have a chance to tell me about any alterations you want made. Most changes would not incur an additional cost but if the change involves a significant amount of work I will let you know beforehand.

Once we are happy with the website it is time to Launch!

Making a significant addition to your website such as a shopping cart.

The process is similar to building a website just in a more concentrated form.


Most of the work will require a discussion and a quote, however, here is an idea of what the cost may be:

5 page website using a pre-prepared theme - £250