Autumn Colour

Another new client!

Happy to have taken on another new client yesterday. All will be revealed once the work is done. But so exciting!

Ragged Robin

Client says YES!

Positive news, the client I quoted for the other week has said yes. About to send version 1 for them to look over, always nerve-wracking.


Josie with buttercups

Fingers crossed!

Just putting a quote together for a new client!

Josie with buttercups

Random photo of Josie with buttercups



You should know that it really doesn’t snow very often in North Cornwall so it was a bit of a treat yesterday when there was a significant fall. It’s all gone now, but it was great while it lasted.

Snow on Davidstow

Snow on Davidstow


I live very near here!

I have no excuse

I have been appallingly lax in writing my blog and I have no excuses whatsoever. There I said it.

I have just not done it.
Yes, I’ve been busy, yes, my personal life is a disaster zone, yes, I have a social life BUT I HAVE NO EXCUSE.
It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t have to be a novel, it doesn’t have to say very much, it doesn’t have to be beautiful.
It DOES need to be done.
I will TRY very hard to be better.

There – that wasn’t so hard!



New pine cones

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I will be on holiday from Monday 22nd December to Monday 5th January.

I will not be available at all from 22nd to the 26th. So, if you want any Christmas emails sent out I will need to have the details before the end of the week. I can set them to be sent at any time.

If you need anything done between the 27th and the 5th I will be keeping an eye on my emails so will be able to deal with any emergency.