About Me


My name is Brenda Holmes and I have been working in the industry for more than ten years.
I have good knowledge of everything that is encompassed by my business. Should you ask me to do something that isn't covered I will find out about it or involve one of my specialist contacts.
I have done work for a wide variety of businesses including an auction house, a gritting company, an hotel, an artist, an online betting shop, a photographer, an agricultural association, a plant hire company, a travel PR company, a restaurant and a gallery.


I live in the country very near to the North Cornwall coast which means that I am lucky enough to be able to take my pick from activities which revolve around the countryside, the moors and the coast.
Photography is a particular love of mine and I can frequently be found out and about with my camera and my dog Josie.
When the weather does not permit outdoor activity I will usually be found poring over some sort of craft including but not limited to needlework, knitting, crochet, rag rugging, embroidery and tapestry.